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Hollywood Intrigue

Enigma 4: "Hollywood Intrigue"
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Roswell, trivia game
Glamour. Glitz. Seduction. Secrets on every available lips in the room. Whispers of fame and fortune and something more. The femme fatale, the reluctant hero, the cheesy villain, the naïve best friend, and other characters made up those films of yesterday.

Put down your ipod and for a change step into our version of a Hollywood intrigue that’s out of this world. Its 1947 and the small world that you once knew is changing. One night in the desert with nothing more than the idle gossip to stir any kind of interest, you find that a huge story has landed in your lap.

Curious? Intrigued? Then pick up your pen and your notepad and prepare for an oh so not normal mystery. Be prepared to know everything there is about the Summer of 47 and the decade.

Enigma 4 challenges you to prove just how much you know about Roswell. You think you’ve seen every episode and know every line, then think again. Come join us on May 19th to show us just how much you know about the Summer of 47. We dare you!

Sign ups begin April 1st and as this is a team game you must be in a group of three to play. If you can’t find two other people, then we’ll be happy to match you up with other teammates. Good luck!


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